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St. e Kavajës 23/2, Condor Center, Tiranë Albania



Arjan Tase

Phone: +35542220027 EXT.43

Mobile: +355682035581

Email: a.tase@tasegroup.al


Assistant director

Viktor Tase

Phone: +35542220027 EXT.44

Mobile: +355692035581

Email: v.tase@tasegroup.al



Altin Lamja

Phone: +35542220027 EXT.42

Email: a.lamja@tasegroup.al 

Kliti Sterjo

Phone: +35542220027 EXT.42

Email: k.strejo@tasegroup.al

Elton Peza

Phone: +35542220027 EXT.42

Email: e.peza@tasegroup.al

Blerim Huta

Phone: +35542220027 EXT.42

Email: b.huta@tasegroup.al



Gerald Gjona - Sales Manager

Phone: +35542220027 EXT.41

Mobile: +355684855580

Email: g.gjona@tasegroup.al

Armando Mema - Sales ManagerAgro Parts

Phone: +35542220027 EXT.45

Mobile: +355672035581

Email: a.mema@tasegroup.al



Finance Department

Phone: +35542239968

Email: finace@tasegroup.al

Anisa Jaupi - Accounting Agro Parts

Phone: +3552435633

Mobile: +355672035582

Email: a.jaupi@tasegroup.al 

Ira Shima

Phone: +35542220027

Email: i.shima@tasegroup.al

Zana Deti

Phone: +35542239968

Email: z.deti@tasegroup.al

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